An Anti-Counterfeit
Solution Designed
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DupeBlock is a trusted resource for anti-counterfeit protection for products, brands, and much more. Our system is specifically designed to address your business's risks by protecting its proprietary information, copyright, and brand imaging. You've worked hard to create your brand and products. You need to protect them

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Eliminate Risk to Your Revenue and Reputation

Protect Revenue Streams

Utilizing DupeBlock, you can effectively eliminate the millions of dollars in potential counterfeit of your product or brand. With our secure packaging, it's not possible for anyone else to duplicate your product.

Protect Your Reputation

Counterfeit products do not live up to the name on them - and that causes damage that's not easy to reverse in the yes of your customers. Protect your brand by eliminating the risk of counterfeit products.

Boost Customer Safety

Counterfeit products put your customers at risk by introducing unproven or ineffective products. If you're testing and creating compliant products, ensure that's evident to your customers through product verification.

Our System Is Proven to Be Effective at Minimizing Counterfeit Claims

DupeBlock is designed to be the only anti-counterfeit solution you need. It's a robust, efficient system that ensures there's no risk by creating tamper-proof security seals. These seals connect directly to our platform, allowing for a closed, complete loop system that can't be interfered with.

Branded Seals

We do this using branded holographic security seals. They have a serial number specific to your business, a hidden verification code, and a QR code within them, all customized to your brand. Choose the size, shape, and design right for your needs. These are multiple-layer seals, providing ample protection.

One-Time Use Protection

The one-time-use feature of our product ensures that they can only be verified for a single instance. When a customer scans the QR code, they can gain access to the information they need as often as needed, but once the hidden scratch-off verification code is entered and the product is authenticated, it cannot be verified again. Then, there's no risk that your seal will be used by someone else.

Scan Monitoring

Utilize dupebock as a way to actively monitor your scans. View real-time data 24/7 from any laptop, mobile phone, or terminal with Internet access. Whether you want to roll-up global numbers or look at a specific region, our platform records it all. You can locate where products are scanned, and apply location parameters to your of where your product should be sold.

Trigger Alert

Utilize the smart alert system to know what's happening with your products. When the platform determines there's unusal activty, an email notification will immediately be sent to admins.


What Our Clients Think
About Us.

I am so thankful that I found DupeBlock. As a skincare brand owner, I was worried my products would be knocked-off and sold on Amazon for a cheaper price. Now that my products have unique QR codes to prove their authenticity, I can rest assured knowing that my customers can tell the difference.

Rebecca H.

I love that I can track my products and see how many times they were scanned for verification. DupeBlock has exceeded my expectations when it comes to the amount of information I can receive from my customers during this process. Highly recommend this service if you sell anything in retail!

Joseph W.

After authenticating my products with DupeBlock, I was able to give my customers more information about the product they scanned. I got their emails and phone numbers and added them to my marketing list. It’s far more than anti-counterfeiting, it’s a way to stay connected to your customers!

Sabrina B.