Strong Customer

DupeBlock empowers companies to connect with their customers and engage with them, creating an instant connection and building a long-term level of support. When using this tool, it is finally possible to create a way to communicate with your customers in a realistic, real-time fashion and in a meaningful way. With DupeBlock, you can communicate what you need from a marketing standpoint while also getting information about what your customers are buying. The more you know about how your customers operate, the better.

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Use Data to Create Effective Marketing Campaigns

Get to Know Your Customer

When you have access to information and data, it is possible to help your customers even more so. Brands and manufacturers consistently struggle to know what their customers need and want. However, by having access to customer data, that can change. Using DupeBlock, you can gain more access to data about your customers, allowing you to overcome the limitations of trying to get data from the retailers selling your products.

Boost Your Sales

When you have this data, you can create effective marketing campaigns. That means customer data helps ensure that you are providing effective marketing strategies that directly lead to improved sales.

Build Stronger Connections

When you engage with your customers, you create a strong, powerful connection with your customer. That engagement encourages customers to keep interacting and, more importantly, to buy more for you.

Take Your Brand Further with DupeBlock

We're Built for Brands

Instead of hoping that a retailer shares data from their POS system with you, brands can instead gain insight into their customers' buying habits and needs. That's going to give you valuable information you don't have any other way.

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How You'll Know Your Customers

Gather Email Data

One of the ways you can connect with your customers is by enabling email collection through the platform. Customize a campaign to send customers valuable information when they provide their email addresses. Add a customized message. Import their emails to your marketing tools so you can continue to remain in touch.

Get Location Information

You can also learn more about who is using your products in various regions using the platform. You set the analytics to pick up the information you need. Then, you can learn where your products are being scanned and verified - around the globe. That's a valuable tool for gaining market insight into how your products are used and who is buying them - often providing insight into where your products do well.

Get Verification Information

When you use the DupeBlock system, you can also gain insight into what products customers are buying as well as the specific individual products and serials they are buying. That means you can create a very targeted marketing campaign for each registered customer, sending them emails designed to appeal to their unique needs.

Keep Your Customers Engaged

Providing a direct channel of communication to your customers opens the door to new opportunities to bring them back. Use this as a way to communicate special pricing offers or contests. Create a giveaway that appeals to their specific needs. It's easy to give them information about what's happening with your organization.


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