Provide Valuable
Product Information

Educating your customers about your product isn't something you take lightly, but having an effective and efficient way to communicate with them isn't easy, either. DupeBlock provides a solution. Provide product information, lab results, product instructions, and any other valuable information to your customers directly. That's done through our seals with included QR codes. This allows your customers to simply scan and view product information in a moment.

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Build Trust and Loyalty with Every Scan

Create Customer Trust

To create long-term customers, they need to trust what you're offering. Consumers trust brands that offer information and ensure transparency.

Tap Into the DupeBlock Platform

Using the DupeBlock platform, you can communicate accurate, detailed information to your customers quickly and easily. You can share product {Read More}

Provide Complete Transparency

When you communicate specific information that showcases exactly what the customer is getting, that will create transparency that people need and want.

Build Loyalty as a Result

When your customers trust you and your product, they come back to you. Choose to be a brand that provides comprehensive information to build loyalty.

Keep Your Customers Engaged

Control the Information

One of the most powerful aspects of building your business is ensuring customers have the most accurate product information available. You can share what you need to, including historical product information, instructions for use, or updates and changes as they happen. What's more, this is all done through a seal placed on your packaging that provides accurate access through the simple scanning of a QR code.

It's Easy to Use

One of the best things about this entire process is just how easy it is to communicate. You do not have to keep entering product information. Using the platform's automated workflow, the entire interaction process is fast and simple, pulling information from wherever you have it placed, minimizing the work you have to do to keep customers up to date.

Customized, Detailed Descriptions

You can also use DupeBlock to create product descriptions that do much more. Use it for images, links, and even text that's clickable. Let your customers click right into your social media pages and your website for more information, a video on how to use your product or even sales pages to your other products. Keep them engaged — there's simply no limit on how you can use rich descriptions like this.

Get Real-Time Data, Too

When you provide these tools to your customers, your business benefits. For example, you can use real-time updates to keep your customers informed. If there's a recall on your product, instantly alert your customers to that in real-time. You can make updates to any of the bits of information you are sharing at a moment's notice. You can also deactivate serials when there is a stolen or lost product.


What Our Clients Think
About Us.

I am so thankful that I found DupeBlock. As a skincare brand owner, I was worried my products would be knocked-off and sold on Amazon for a cheaper price. Now that my products have unique QR codes to prove their authenticity, I can rest assured knowing that my customers can tell the difference.

Rebecca H.

I love that I can track my products and see how many times they were scanned for verification. DupeBlock has exceeded my expectations when it comes to the amount of information I can receive from my customers during this process. Highly recommend this service if you sell anything in retail!

Joseph W.

After authenticating my products with DupeBlock, I was able to give my customers more information about the product they scanned. I got their emails and phone numbers and added them to my marketing list. It’s far more than anti-counterfeiting, it’s a way to stay connected to your customers!

Sabrina B.